LEMO E Connectors

LEMO E Connectors are watertight self-latching connectors with stepped inserts for alignment and rugged housing for extreme working conditions. These E connectors feature unipole, multipole 2 to 106 contacts, high voltage, and push-pull self-latching. The E connectors include solder or print contacts, over 22 shell styles, and 7 sizes. These E connectors operate at -55°C to 200°C temperature range. The E connectors offer watertight connection (IP 68/IP 66), polarization by stepped insert (half-moon), and 360° screening for full EMC shielding.


  • Unipole types transmitting current up to 230A
  • 50Ω and 75Ω coaxial
  • Multipole 2 to 106 contacts
  • 50Ω and 75Ω triaxial 
  • Multi or mixed contacts with:
    • Coaxial 1 to 8 contacts
    • High voltage 1 to 8 contacts
  • Thermocouple 2 to 6 contacts
  • Push-pull self-latching
  • 7 sizes
  • Multipole with stepped inserts
  • Over 22 shell styles
  • UL recognized
  • Solder or print contacts
  • -55°C to 200°C operating temperature range
  • Watertight connection (IP 68/IP 66)
  • Polarization by stepped insert (half-moon)
  • Solder or print contacts (straight or elbow)
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  • rugged housing for extreme working condition

Push-Pull Self-Latching Connection System

LEMO E Connectors

E Series Metal Housing Models

LEMO E Connectors
Published: 2021-05-05 | Updated: 2022-12-08